It’s All Yours!

We bring a fresh dimension to Fairfield County fitness, offering a full range of integrated services to get you fit and keep you fit.

Physical Therapy

pt_sm Rehabilitation Our expert therapists work with you to implement a highly-effective program customized to your condition. And we follow up with a program you can pursue at home or in our brand new gym.
man_ball What We Treat We’ve seen them all! Sprains, strains, joint replacement, rotator cuff, tendonitis, arthritis, stroke – we help you recover from those maladies, and many others.

Athletic Performance

golfsm Golf Performance Our golf performance program exploits technology and the expertise of our skilled golf trainers to cut your scores significantly, 5 strokes on average, and more in many cases.
fitness1 Personal Training Our Trainers are the best in the business. They work with you to design a program to achieve your goals, whether to lose weight, get fitter or rehabilitate from an injury.