Stay Well

Don’t Stop Now!


Physical therapy should be the beginning of rehabilitation, not the end. That was one of the reasons Michael Morgan expanded his practice, because as a young therapist he observed that a conscientious and effective physical therapist always recommended follow-up exercise, exercise that often required a gym, no matter the patient’s age. In fact, if it didn’t include a regular exercise program and someone such as a trainer to monitor progress, patients more often than not relapsed. They became trapped in a vicious cycle of more physical therapy, a bit of follow-on work at a separate gym, flagging willpower, relapse, more trips to the doctor, more physical therapy. And on and on, at great cost in time and money.
The Fitness Center responds to the need for virtually every patient to continue their therapy. The Center’s Life Fitness equipment is particularly comfortable. Starting resistance levels are low, push button controls make them very easy to use, and movements parallel the natural movement of the body, eliminating strain and enhancing flexibility, strength and conditioning. The Center’s highly-trained, warm and dedicated staff of trainers is ready to help at all times.