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Sean S of Darien on Body Balance for Performance-Golf Fitness
Dear Mike, Yesterday I shot an 82 at Sterling Farms in Stamford. I owe it all to you and the Body Balance program. Ok, maybe not all; I did have something to do with it. However, it was 10 strokes better than I have ever shot at Sterling. And better than I have shot anywhere else, ever. By 5 strokes. (I keep ALL of my score-making me compulsive or insane.) istockphoto_2364641-hole-in-one Anyway, I can trace the improvement in my golf by looking back at my scores before and after I started the Body Balance Program in late July. I shot a 101 at Sterling on May 16, a 98 on June 11, a 95 on June 13, a 92 on July 5 and a 94 on August 1st. Yesterdays 82 was quite an improvement! However, the improvement has not been limited to Sterling. For example, I shot an 87 and 88 at Oak Hills since starting the program, when I used to average anywhere from the low to mid-90’s. I’m still inconsistent, but since I’m not much more than half way through the program, I’m certain I’ll continue to improve and be shooting 82 or better all the time. Or most of the time. A lot. Thanks again. The program really works, and you’re a great teacher.